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Public education and outreach on naturalism – To help raise awareness of naturalism and its personal and social benefits, the CFN publishes newsletters, articles, and op-eds (see also Naturalism.Org). The CFN develops curricula on naturalistic philosophy and its applications, and offers courses and workshops. We conduct presentations on naturalism across the country, and host speakers in collaboration with other groups oriented toward naturalism. See Education, Presentations and Events.

Advocate for policies consistent with naturalism – The CFN seeks to translate the implications of naturalism into social policy, in domains such as criminal justice, economic and social equality, addiction, and environmental sustainability. By helping to illuminate the causal factors underlying both human flourishing and dysfunction, the CFN contributes to personal and social well-being. See Policy and Initiatives.

Local and online communities – The CFN supports efforts by individuals and groups to promote awareness of naturalism in their communities, for instance by forming affinity groups; sponsoring events for cultural enrichment such as philosophy cafes, and organizing online forums. See Community.

Research on naturalism – To better understand the basis and implications of naturalism, the CFN promotes research on attitudes and beliefs about free will, causality, and the self as they relate to each other and to attitudes on social issues. See Research.

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