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The Center For Naturalism recognizes that naturalists have the same human needs for affiliation and community as those attracted to more traditional world-views. Fortunately, a naturalistic appreciation of our complete inclusion in nature can generate feelings of connection and meaning that rival those offered by traditional religions. Seeing how experience, the sense of self, and our motives and desires arise from our physical embodiment as natural creatures, not from a disembodied soul, gives us a deep appreciation for the marvels of material existence. We need not seek fulfillment in a hoped-for life to come, but in the present, physical world as it unfolds from moment to moment. Using the insight of natural connection, the CFN supports the development of practices for both individuals and groups which encourage a sense of authentic community, psychological well-being, and a compassionate heart. These can range from discussion groups to the naturalistic equivalent of traditional Sunday morning services.

Philosophy Cafe. Informal public gatherings in your town to discuss philosophy, sponsored by CFN and local bookstores, bars, cafes, and art galleries. Get in a word edgewise about naturalism in the context of intellectual dialog. The CFN now sponsors three cafes, as well as the Cambridge Saloon Salon. Inquiries invited.

Naturalism meetups . Discussion and affinity groups in your town, focusing on naturalism, its implications and applications. There are other naturalists out there, you just have to dig them up.

Online Community. The CFN sponsors four online groups, Applied Naturalism, Naturalism Philosophy Forum, CFN Fellowship, and CFN Therapy. If you discover yourself to be a naturalist, your participation is invited.

Naturalistic Spirituality. Although it might sound paradoxical, it's perfectly possible to have an authentic spiritual and religious life while remaining a naturalist. See the Spirituality page for essays and links to Religious Naturalism groups. See Spirituality Without Faith, the last section, for ideas on how to celebrate, with others, our connection with the world.

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